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"Anyone interested in expanding their practice and improving patients results, should look into your programs! Our patients are happier, our staff feels more confident and the simple methods surprisingly bring in a nice financial benefit to our business." 
 - Gary Taylor, DO
       Vein Specialist
          Fremont, NE
grow deep...
not tall 


To begin...a brief explanation for you about the theme of our site. At Therapy Concepts, we believe that knowledge, experience and the desire to become the best  - creates the strongest  foundation for many aspects of life. You will see images of trees throughout these pages - symbolizing these concepts of knowledge. Deeply rooted, our mission reflects this challenge for all of us to "grow deep... not tall".

Whether you are opening a new practice or seeking to expand or improve an existing one, our courses, seminars and consulting can provide your business with unique tools for success.

Other training and consulting will not only have higher fees and  tuition, but often travel expenses and the loss of revenue from time spent away during the training. 

Having been practitioners and business owners ourselves, we appreciate the value of having affordable training or consulting.  

To help further, we can often provide these services close by or onsite -  in tandem with day to day operations to limit loss of revenue.

We have developed courses that our own specialties and interests have inspired. Our results and success with these programs and services 
led to our commitment to share them with physicians and allied health professionals. Through this manner, we can exponentially impact results.

Our seminars and training are based upon evidence-based, best practice models. Our faculty are leaders in specialized medical and allied health services. We offer these through several established providers of continuing education  for each specialty.

Contact us by email for more details about one of our seminars or courses. If you are interested in sponsoring a course, please provide dates you are interested in holding the training.

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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
                                                                   -   Chinese Proverb